By enabling an international roaming service, a post pay subscriber is allowed to use a full service of calling, texting, and data package using foreign operator’s network. International roaming service allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world.

By activating a roaming service:

Post Paid customer Voice SMS Data
* Please note that if you are willing to use an international roaming service, your handset must support 3G.


In order to activate International roaming service, customer should visit one of G-Mobile’s service branches with following documents and make an roaming agreement.

Required documents:
- Identity card, if you are an individual customer
- Reference Letter from your company, if you are a corporate customer
- Deposit fee of 400’000 ₮


- Customer must visit one of G-Mobile’s service branches to cancel the roaming service
- Roaming service access is left activated unless the customer cancels the service and takes back the deposit

When making a call in your country of stay:

Phone number Call

When making a call in your country of stay to a mobile phone in Mongolia

+976 Phone number Call

When making a call in your country of stay to countries other than Mongolia

+Country code Phone number Call

By activating a roaming service, you can send and receive SMS, and also you are allowed to all kinds of additional SMS services. The tariffs of sending a SMS is based on the tariffs of foreign country; however, receiving a SMS is free of charge.

Sending a SMS to Mongolia

Phone number Send

Sending a SMS to other countries

Country code City code Phone number Send

By activating a roaming service, you can access to the internet by your handphone using foreign operator’s network. However, please be aware that the latest handphone updates its softwares whenever it is connected to the internet without any of your involvement. Therefore, it becomes a main cause for high data usage fee and thus, please be sure to inactivate your data roaming service when you don’t necessarily need it.

Settings Cellular Data roaming (on, off)

Settings Wireless and Network Mobile networks Data roaming

Nokia Settings Wireless and Network Mobile networks Data roaming (on, off)

3G дэмждэг симтэй байх шаардлагатай юу ?

Тийм. Таны сим карт 3G сүлжээг дэмждэг байх шаардлагатай.

3G дэмждэг утастай байх шаардлагатай юу ?

Тийм 3G сүлжээний гар утастай бүх хэрэглэгчид роуминг үйлчилгээ ашиглах боломжтой.

Роуминг үйлчилгээ ашиглан гадаадад зорчиж байх үедээ Мобайл банк үйлчилгээ ашиглах боломжтой юу ?

Тийм болно.

Роуминг үйлчилгээ ашиглан зорчиж байх үедээ video call хийх боломжтой юу ?


Гадаадад зорчиж байх үед ДоРеМи үйлчилгээ ашиглаж болох уу ?


Тусч мессеж үйлчилгээ ашиглах боломжтой юу ?


- Та 310 дугаар руу ”G” үсэг илгээснээр төлбөрийн мэдээллээ авч болно. Роуминг үйлчилгээний төлбөр нь тухайн орны операторуудаас шууд сонгогдсон болон хэрэглэгчийн сонгосон роуминг операторын тарифаар тооцогддог учраас 2-3 хоногийн хоцрогдолтой ирэх тохиолдол байдаг. Төлбөрийн нэхэмжлэх хоцрогдолтой ирсэн тохиолдолд роуминг үйлчилгээний төлбөр дараа сарын ярианы төлбөрт шилжиж тооцогдоно.
- Хэрэглэгч роуминг үйлчилгээг ашиглан гадаадад зорчиж байхдаа цахим салбар сайтад хандан төлбөрөө төлөх боломжтой.

Тусламж авах

Монголд: 3636 , 93103636 call

Гадаадад: Онлайн туслах , 93103636 call


It is the most modern NGN /next generation network/ technology based communication service. You can make and receive calls with the cheapest tariff from anywhere in the world by using your internet connection. This service is the internet form of our pre-paid G-10 and G-30 services.

By using G-internet phone, you will experience the following advantages:

  •  You can make and receive the cheapest calls to/from any phone in Mongolia from any place around the world with internet service.
  •  Regardless of wherever you are, users of any local operators can call you with their own tariff
  •  You can make calls from your desktop, laptop, cell phone, IP station phone, and so on
  •  Using the international call exit, you can make an International call
  •  Call forwarding, Call waiting, Call history, Contact list, and many other additional services

Voice tariff

Service In G-Mobile's network To other networks International call Incoming calls
0/50 Packege 0 MNT 50 MNT International gateway 009 tariff 0 MNT
50/50 Package 50 MNT 50 MNT International gateway 009 tariff 0 MNT

To other networks: Unitel, Skytel, Mobicom, Тelecom Mongolia, Mongolian Railway

New number'r price

Service Price Units Days
0/50 Package 10.000 MNT 0 30 Days
120.000 MNT 30.000 365 Days
50/50 Package 10.000 MNT 2.500 180 Days

Lucky numbers and tariffs

Categories Brilliant number Goldennumber Silver number Bronze number
Numbering 78BBAAAA, 78АA98AA 78AAAA78 78**AAAA 78**AABB, 78АВ78АВ, 78АВАВ78 78**ABAB, 78**ABBA
Үнэ 1.000.000 MNT 500.000 MNT 50.000 MNT 25.000 MNT
Remark: :”78” is the only prefix that can be used for G-Internetphone service
  • • Purchase at any G-Mobile service branch or online at

Necessary requirements to use the service:

  • 1. Internet connection faster than 256Kbps
  • 2. Internet phone service must not be blocked by Firewall protection /Because of SIP block in some internet connections, the quality of a call might drop.

From the list below, please download and install the programs you need

ITO CONNECT WITH IP STATIONARY PHONE IP Phone суурин утасны тохиргоо хийх заавар
IP Box суурин төхөөрөмж дээр тохиргоо хийх заавар
TO CONNECT WITH COMPUTER / NOTEBOOK 3CX Phone - / Програм татах/ - / Заавар татах/
X-Lite 4 - / Програм татах/ - / Заавар татах/
Маcintosh X-Lite - / Програм татах/ - / Заавар татах/
УХААЛАГ УТАСНААС ХОЛБОГДОХ Apple-ийн Apple Store - / Аппликейшн татаж суулгах/
Android –ийн Play Store - / Аппликейшн татаж суулгах/

Instructions for recharging your account

Dial 311 to check your balance or recharge your account.

311 Call

Scratch cards

To purchase units online, click here

What is an IP phone?

IIP phone is similar to a regular household landline phone but it has RJ45 input connection which uses IP network such as the Internet instead of the ordinary system. By installing G-Mobile number and its private settings to IP Phone, you get a permanent landline Internet phone.

What is IP box device?

IP box gadget is a converter that translates internet network data to information that a regular phone and fax machine can receive. By installing G-Internet phone service number to IP box gadget and connecting it to the regular stationary phone device, you can call and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

• Is G-Internet phone service economical?

o This service is great for subscribers living abroad who frequently connect with their loved ones in Mongolia. This service allows you to make calls with them using domestic calling charges instead of international calling charges. For example, you can make a call for 0 ₮ to G-Mobile and 50 ₮ to other networks such as Mobicom, Skytel, Unitel, and so on.

• Can anyone call my G-internet phone number?

o Yes, anyone can call you from a landline or wireless operator phone number using their domestic tariff

• Can the G-internet phone service be used in any country?

o Yes, this service is available for use in any country around the world with access to the minimum required internet access. o Example: 009 + country code + phone number The “009” International gateway tariff for United States, Korea, China, and other most frequently visited countries by Mongolians is 100 ₮ for 1 minute.

• If I don’t use my new G-internet phone service number will it become invalid?

o 14 days after the validity date expires, your incoming and outgoing calls are barred. The number will be saved for 3 months. You can use any scratch card with validity days to extend your usage or else it will become invalid.

• What do I do if I forget my password or want to change it?

o You can come to our service center with your paperwork to retrieve or change your password. If you live abroad and cannot come to a service center, you can email us at with a password change request. Please include your name, phone number, email address, license and ID number, approximate balance of your account so that we can double check your account information to verify we are sending the right person the new password

• If I am using a foreign operator or Mongolian operators 3G phone to make calls with my G-internet phone number, will there be additional charges?

o The charges will depend on the operator’s payment plan. The charge will be based on the kb used for the phone call. If you have used a free WiFi zone to make the call, then there are no additional charges


• Can subscribers abroad purchase and recharge G-internet phone services?

o They can purchase the numbers from our licensed distributors in their country. Also with international card, you can purchase new numbers from our website at (website).

• Can I divert my phone calls from my Unitel, Mobicom, Skytel, or G-Mobile number to my G-internet phone service number?

o Yes, you can use our divert call service to divert all incoming calls to your phone number to the G-internet phone number.


• Where can I get information regarding prices and other information?

o You can get information about our service 24 hours a day by emailing or You can also call 98103636.



Welcome to the Gphone application! Our main concern is to protect the privacy and security of our users’ personal information. The privacy and security information section is to explain how we will secure the privacy of our users’ personal information, and how and when they will be used.

Scope of use

The security of all Gphone application users’ personal information will be secured at the highest level. Personal Information will only be used and/or accessed when the application is in use.

Types of personal information for Gphone application use

Users’ phone number information

When first using the application, user must insert their number in the “Phone number” section to register and then insert password to enter the application. Once completed, user will get an access to their detailed phone number information. The detailed information of the user’s phone number and its usage allows user to monitor the usage and can only be accessed by the user only.

Phonebook /Contacts/

To simplify our service, user’s phone number and phonebook /contacts/ will be automatically copied into Gphone application.

Photo library & Audio recording

User can send photos and audio recordings to other users. Photos and audio recordings will be accessible only when the application is in use. The privacy and safety of your content is fully guaranteed.

Text message

User is able to send and receive text messages using the application. Text messages sent and received through the application will only be accessible when the application is in use. The privacy and safety of your text messages is fully guaranteed.

You can call abroad to over 240 countries around the globe via 009 secure gateway with cheapest tariff and highest quality communication without delay and interference. Post paid customers- visit any G-Mobile brach, deposit (200,000 ₮) to activate the service / Pre paid customers- can directly make international calls with their units.

Call instructions

009 Country code Phone number

Example: to Korea

009 82 10 84699919

To fixed -line phone

009 Country code City code Phone number
Country name City code Tariff (MNT)
1 China 86 150
2 Hong Kong 852 200
3 India 91 150
4 Malasiya 60 150
5 Singapore 65 150
6 South Korea 82 150
7 Тhailand 66 250
8 USA 1340 150
9 Canada 1204 200
10 Kazakhstan 771 550
11 Russia 7 500
12 Australia 61 200
13 Czech Republic 420 650
14 Germany 49 500
15 Japan 81 200
16 New Zealand 64 300
17 Sweden 46 200
18 Taiwan 886 350
19 Turkey 90 600
20 Great Britain 44 650