Gtone service provides you the opportunity to play any foreign or Mongolian music instead of regular tone when someone calls you. Not only you can play your favorite music for incoming calls, you also can devote songs for your family, friends, and close ones by putting their favorite songs individually.


Service Post paid customer /VAT not included/ Pre-paid customer
Call 319 Fee within the network Fee within the network
Send SMS to 319 Free Free
Fixed fee 1.800MNT(monthly) 60MNT/daily/
Download song /Mongolian song/ 600MNT 600MNT
Download song /Foreign song/ 600MNT 600MNT
Download song /poems/ 600MNT 600MNT
Remark: The downloaded song will be played untill December 31st of the current year.

Subscribe by SMS

ON 319 Send

Call to 319 and follow the instructions to subscribe

319 Call

Cancel the subscription

OFF 319 Send

To temporary cease the subscription

DAC 319 Send

To activate the service

ACT 319 Send

To download a tone (song)

BUY /space/ Song code /10 digits/ 319 Send 319 Send

To set up a downloaded song

SET /space/ Song code /10 digits/ 319 Send

To donate a song

GIFT /space/ Song code /10 digits/ /space/ Recipient’s phone number 319 Send

To change the password

PASS /space/ New password /6 digits/ 319 Send

To inquire more about the service

HELP 319 Send

Would you like to save your calls that you might have missed while you were: without service, busy, unable to answer, or when your battery was dead. Then, send a message “ON” to special number 450 to activate the service.

Monthly fixed fee Pre-paid customer : 1.500?
Post paid customer : 1.500? /VAT not included/

You can send a free "Call me back" request and get your friends and family to call you back. This service is available to all prepaid customers with depleted airtime.

  • Use a service by sending a free SMS to 123. The SMS should contain the mobile number you wish to call you back.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • It can be used up to 3 times a day.
  • "Call me back" request can be sent to G-Mobile number only.
  • For example :123 98xx xxxx Send

Dear customer, now you are able to get necessary information via text message form on a daily basis, wherever G-Mobile network is available regardless of time and distance. To receive a supportive message at once, you should send the desired service code to 303, whereas, if you want to receive helpful message in a daily basis during a month, send a message to 302.
By using a helpful message service, you are enabled to receive:

  • Eastern astrology and Western astrology/
  • Entertainment schedule: /upfront schedules from movie theatres and many other entertainment places/
  • Commodity prices: raw materials and many other consumer food prices/
  • Exchange rates: / Exchange rates from Central Bank of Mongolia and many other commercial banks/
  • Weather forecast: / Issued by the Institute of Meteorology and weather forecast of Mongolia for 3 days in advance and many other information necessary for your daily life.

  • You are enabled to receive daily news for a period of month, such as, weather forecast, eastern and western astrology, commodity prices, exchange rates, and so on.
Customer To receive a helpful message for a day /303/ To receive a helpful message for 30 days /302/
Post paid /VAT not included/ 40?
Pre-paid /VAT not included/ 40?
  • Eastern astrology: dorno 303 sent
  • Western astrology: urno mm.dd 303 sent
  • Entertainment schedule: Uzver 303 sent
  • Exchange rates: tuuxii ed 303 sent
  • Exchange rates: USD 303 sent
  • Weather forecast: UB 303 sent
  • Note: If you send wrong code for your chosen service, please be aware that your text message will be charged. In this case, you will receive an error message as a reply

Жи-Мобайл компанийн бүтээгдэхүүн үйлчилгээг хөнгөлөлттэй үнээр худалдан авч, нэрлэсэн үнээр борлуулах эрх бүхий хувь хүн, албан байгууллагыг мобайл дилер гэнэ. Мобайл дилер үйлчилгээний хэрэглэгч болохын тулд UTK функц дэмждэг утас ба сим карттай байх хэрэгтэй.

Мобайл дилер болох

Бүртгэлийн хураамж – 10.000 түг үүнд:

  • Мобайл дилер үйлчилгээний эрх нээх
  • Гэрээт борлуулагчийн хаяг
  • 70/70, 30 хоногтой 3000 нэгжтэй дугаар

Худалдан авалтын доод хэмжээ – 20.000түг
Мобайл дилер үйлчилгээний төлбөр тушаах данс автоматжсан ба та худалдан авах нэгжийнхээ үнийн дүнг хөнгөлөлт хассан дүнгээр тооцон Хаан банкны “5038007484”, Төрийн банкны “106000026613” тоот дансанд шилжүүлэн дансаа шууд цэнэглэх боломжтой. Гүйлгээний утга хэсэгт зөвхөн уг үйлчилгээнд бүртгэлтэй утасны дугаарын 8 оронтой тоог бичих шаардлагатайг анхаарна уу.

Service Description Tariffs Instructions
Call waiting Alerts you to an incoming call and allows you to switch between calls, while you are on the phone Free to activate: *74 +
to cancel *740 +
Call forwarding Allows you to forward an incoming call to someone, while you are on the phone. Voice tariff Call to your forwarding number and cancel your call when its connected while you are on the phone
Telephone conference Allows you to have a conference call with up to 15 people simultaneously Voice tariff to add a member to your conference: *60 + member’s phone number +
to exclude a member from your conference: *600 + member’s phone number +
Call transferring /instantly/ Allows you to directly transfer an incoming call to your desired number in case you are out of service, busy, or, not answering. Voice tariff To activate: *72# + desired number to transfer +
to cancel: *720 +
Call transferring(instantly) when you are busy Allows you to instantly transfer an incoming call to another number while you are busy speaking on the phone Voice tariff To activate: *90# + transferring number +
to cancel: *900 +
Call transferring when you are not answering Allows you to transfer someone’s call to another number when you are not able to answer, or did not answer. Voice tariff To activate: *92# + transferring number +
to cancel *920 +
Call transferring when you are either busy or not answering Call transferring(instantly) when you are busy and Call transferring when you are not answering are combined Voice tariff To activate: *85 + + enter your password according to instructions
to cancel *850 + + enter your password according to instructions
Receiving a call from selected number Allows you to receive calls only from your desired phone numbers as you register your desired phone numbers followed by instructions Free To register a number: *51#+”phone number”+
Phone number: *510#+”phone number”+
To exclude all your registered numbers: *51099 +
To active *52 +
To cancel *520 +
Code(passcode) for outgoing calls Allows you to lock your outgoing calls, so that you if someone wants to use your phone to make a call, it requires a passcode Free To create or change your passcode: *81+passcode
To activate *82 +
To cancel *820 +
Code(passcode) for incoming calls It will require a passcode from people who call you. Moreover, it will allow you to receive calls only from your family, friends, or those who you wish to receive a call by giving them your passcode. All the other incoming calls except the ones you have granted your passcode will be denied by passcode. In addition, you can assign a different passcode for everyone individually. Free To create a passcode: *21#+create a passcode following by instructions to eliminate a
*210#+follow the instruction to eliminate a passcode
Eliminate all passcodes: *21099 +
To activate *23 +
To cancel *230 +

The above instruction is only for users with CDMA 450 handsets; on the hand, if you are 3.99 user, then you can set it up by using your handset menu.