Mission Statement

  • To become the most trusted and reliable mobile network operator.
  • To become a community that values customer satisfaction, and provides service to every citizen
  • To strive forward, contribute to society, and develop Mongolia.

G-Mobile Corporation, a national cellular operator, was established in April of 2006 by winning the tender for “Delivery of Communication Services to Isolated Soums and Settled Areas”. The tender was announced by the Communication Regulatory Committee within the framework of the Mongolian Government. In a short span of time, G-Mobile managed to establish an information and communication infrastructure covering the vast territory of Mongolia. G-Mobile successfully completed installation and launched its services on the 20th of April, 2007.

G-Mobile is the first 100% domestically funded entity in telecommunication industry./p>

G-Mobile Corporation has been successfully delivering all kinds of telecommunication services to its customers based on 3G, known as 3rd generation of cellular communication CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO technology, and at its 5 year anniversary on 2012, it has introduced the latest technology of information and communication industry, 3.99G, to allow its customers to walk hand in hand with technological advances around the world by using smartphones and tablets to access to the internet with high speed of 42mbps.

At present, G-Mobile is effort-fully aiming to introduce its latest 3.99G technology, which has been deployed in capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Zuun mod soum of Tuv aimag, and Hovd city of Hovd aimag, to other major cities and rural areas. To date, G-Mobile has covered 285 soums and settlements of 21 aimags and provides all kinds of telecommunication services based on 3G, also known as 3rd generation CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO, DC-HSPA+ 3.99G technology, to over 500,000 its subscribers nationwide.

In year of 2012, for our 5th year anniversary celebration, we have introduced more innovative and enjoyable services to our customers, which include:

  • Post paid service known as Perfection
  • 3.99G service of mobile internet
  • DoReMi service to set the desired tone for incoming calls
  • Units loan service
  • Units loan service
  • Data package for pre paid service
  • HD Voice service and many other valuable services for appropriateness to our customers

G-Mobile employs more than 500 highly professional and experienced specialists, engineers and managers which make up to 8 departments and 20 divisions and subdivisions. Service network consists of 14 branches in Ulaanbaatar city, 29 branches in rural areas, and over 6000 licensed distributors.


  • 2013
    • Initiated “HD Voice” technology
    • Official partner of Nokia
    • Introduced “Call keeping” service
    • Began introducing 3G network to rural areas by launching it in Zuun mod city of Tuv Aimag

  • 2012
    • “Do Re Mi” service launched
    • 3.99G technology service launched
    • Internet service renewed
    • 5th year anniversary
    • Initiated “Tugs Tuguldur” post paid service
    • Official partner of Samsung Company
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  • 2011
    • Began launching EvDo based high speed internet network in soums
    • Launched U-Tab devices with licensed Android operating system which can be used anywhere within G-Mobile network
    • Licensed branches opened in Ulaanbaatar and in other rural areas
    • “Supportive Message” service launched
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  • 2010
    • Introduced “Switching Option” service that allows pre-paid service subscribers to switch their payment options without switching their number
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  • 2009
    • Renewed pre-paid services
    • Established internet service subsidiary company, “G-Mobile Net”
    • Established satellite TV channel service subsidiary company, “D-Dish”
  • 2008
    • First operator to introduce 3G technology in Mongolia
    • Launched G-Internet phone service which is the widest mobile internet service based on 1X, EvDo technology
    • For the first time in cellular communication industry, it has Introduced G-10 service which allows you to talk without a limit within the network
    • For the first time in Mongolia, it has launched G-Internet phone service which opened the opportunity to make calls from anywhere in the world
    • “Best 100 Companies of Mongolia”
    • Sponsored and co-organized ICT EXPO
    • G-10 service was awarded “Most satisfying service” from ICT EXCPO

  • 2007
    • On April, it has delivered its network to 21 aimags and more than 100 soums
    • On April 20th, G-Mobile LLC network opening took place in UB City
    • G-Mobile LLC began its service from Dund govi aimag


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