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When service date expires how long it will take to disable the number?

After your number’s active time expires, you can recharge your number within 14 days by scratch cards with days. If 14 days have finished, then your account will be saved for 90 days and on the 91st day, it will be deleted and also it will be created as a new number on our system for sale.

In some cases my units are either increased or decreased, why?

If you are connected to the internet (data), our system will automatically save some units so it will be shown as there has been a deduction. Thus, switch off your internet (data) connection and recheck your account.

If G-10 user chooses “Smart” package, how the accompanied voice allowances will be used?

If G-10 service user chooses “Smart” package, voice will be free in G-Mobile network and the accompanied voice allowances are only for making calls in other networks.

Can I transfer units that I borrowed?

From our unit loan service you can only borrow 500 units and also, you can’t transfer any borrowed units.

If I can’t find G-10 card how will I extend my free voice allowance?

You can use your units to buy free voice days. Call *321#2#days# to extend your days. You can choose from 1, 3, 7, 10, 15, 30 days.

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Can I use my number that have been used on CDMA 450 network on smart phones?

For now, you can use smart phones only in Ulaanbaatar, Zuunmod, Chinggis, and Khovd cities. So if you are CDMA 450 network user, you can change your sim card to 3G sim card to use smart phone in previously mentioned cities.

Why there is a charge when I visit, or

G-Mobile users should visit above pages for free as we are officially recognized partners. But if you are visiting another page through these pages, then it will cost your data or units.

How should I buy NP10 internet device?

You can buy NP10 device from any Ulaanbaatar or rural areas branches with full payment or with credit agreement. If you are going to buy with credit agreement, you only pay first month’s internet service payment of 20’000₮ without paying any deposit or advance payment.

How profitable if I use data package?

If you use 2GB without buying any data package, it will cost 1KB=0.02₮ which means 41’934₮ for 2GB. But if you buy 2GB data package, it will only cost 12’000₮. So it is very profitable if you buy data package.

Where can I get information about data coverage and speed?

Call 98102000 and tell your address to check data coverage in your region and also to check suitable and appropriate devices.

Questions, Answers

Can postpaid users refill their account by prepaid recharge cards?

Postpaid users can pay their bills by buying prepaid recharge card without days. Charged units will be deducted from your bill. If overpaid, it will be deducted from your next month’s bill.

Can postpaid users buy additional data package?

Yes. Other than monthly fixed fee’s accompanied data package, we offer our customers the cheapest price for 10GB data service. This package will cost 20000₮, and the next purchase will cost only 10000₮. Please visit our service branches to activate your package and use it until your cancellation.

How to control your payment?

Two ways to check your payment. Send G to 310 before the 8th of every month and check your current month’s usage, send B to check your previous month’s bill and also for total bill. Send D to 236 to check your data package.